Annual Family Membership: Free!

Annual Supporting Membership: By Donation. We will issue a charitable donation receipt for any amount over $20 to help reduce your taxes.

Drop-in Fees:

Family Members: $3 per family
Supporting Members: $2 per family

Punch cards worth $10 and $20 can be purchased at Semiahmoo Family Place with cash or personal cheque.

Drop-in fee subsidies are available for families that qualify. Please contact Lisa for more information.


Become a Member of SFP

Welcome to our Family at Semiahmoo Family Place (SFP)! From the first visit forward, you are an SFP Family Member and have the opportunity to benefit from all of our programming.

A place where parents and children can connect in a safe, family-centered environment. Where everyone experiences respect and positive reinforcement from members of the community, outside of their immediate family. A place where each parent and child learns how to become part of the larger community and how to connect, in a meaningful way, with people of different abilities, socio-economic backgrounds and cultures. A place where parents build relationships with other parents, ultimately decreasing the feelings of isolation that may come with the strenuous role of parent.

Semiahmoo Family Place (SFP) is a non-profit family resource centre with charitable status that provides a much-needed support network for parents/caregivers of families with children aged birth through six living in the South Surrey/White Rock and Cloverdale communities. We offer a child-centred, safe and fun place for our young children to play together while their parents/caregivers have the opportunity to network, support, and learn from each other and our fabulous SFP facilitators.

Can you become a Supporting Member?
Research, and more importantly experience, has shown that families can’t do it alone; that it truly “takes a village” to raise a well rounded, capable and caring child. In an era of isolation, the unique and intimate nature of the SFP space allows us to connect with other parents and families, resulting in children who believe they are important to the health and well being of the community.
Ultimately, Your membership and drop-in fees help us to fulfill our mission to Connect Families through Play.

How Do I Donate to SFP or Become a Supporting Member?

It's easy ... make a donation and become a Supporting Member. Contribute any amount and become a Supporting Member for 12 months. We will issue a charitable donation receipt for any amount over $20 to help reduce your taxes!

Your Supporting Membership...

...sustains SFP as one of the stand-alone family places in the community, as well as the health and well-being of other families in your community.
...helps us maintain our playspace and toy selection, as well as subsidies that we offer to low-income families.
...supplements funds we receive from government agencies, foundations, service clubs and individual donors.

As a Supporting Member, you receive invitations to special events.
As a Supporting Member, you share in our efforts to build a safe, vibrant, inclusive community at SFP and the KP Community Centre.

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