When you visit or sign up for our programs, you become a member of the Semihamoo Family Place family.

▪ Each Family Place member will be treated with respect by staff and volunteers
▪ Each Family Place member is entitled to access all public space, program supplies and services
▪ Each Family Place member is entitled to a safe and healthy environment at Family Place.

▪ Each Family Place member will treat all members, visitors, staff and volunteers with respect
▪ Each Family Place member is responsible for maintaining the physical environment of Family Place, which includes cleaning up after one’s child and oneself
▪ Each Family Place member will respect the health and safety rules which include not entering the drop-in when the full sign if out.

SFP also reminds members that it is not responsible for any loss or damage sustained be members and guests while on its premises. Parents and caregivers are reminded that their children must be supervised by them at all times. It is the responsibility of parents and caregivers to take precautions to avoid injury or loss/damage to belongings. In the event a parent or caregiver observes any situation at Semiahmoo Family Place which causes them concern, please report it to a staff member immediately.

Voting Members

If you wish to be more involved in guiding the administration and future of Semiahmoo Family Place, you may apply to become a Voting Member with an annual commitment of support.

Privacy Policy

Semiahmoo Family Place respects and upholds an individual’s right to privacy and the protection of his or her personal information. We are committed to collecting, using and disclosing personal information in compliance with British Columbia’s Personal Information and Protection of Privacy Act (PIPA). A complete copy of Semiahmoo Family Place’s Privacy Protection Policy is available on request. Please email us for more information.