Sing Me a Story is an official Parent-Child Mother Goose Program for adult caregivers with babies up to 18 months to discover the pleasure and power of using rhymes, songs, and stories together.

Nursery rhymes, songs, and stories aren’t just fun for you and baby. Engaging with each other develops and strengthens your bond, creating a sense of security and attachment for your infant. Whether you’re already familiar with traditional rhymes, or interested in learning new songs, there is something for everyone. Parents and caregivers can build a repertoire to call on during challenging times to help calm and connect with your child.

Considerable research shows secure children are more socially competent, are less likely to have emotional and behavioral problems, are less likely to have medical problems, and score higher on tests of achievement than insecure children.

Attending a regular parent and baby group also provides the opportunity for new parents, and families who are new to the area, to meet other parents, share experiences and make lasting friendships.

Refreshments and social time included.
$25 per family, 90 minutes per week, 8 weeks

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Sing Me a Story
Wednesdays, 10:00am - 11:30am
January 15 to March 4, 2020

Meredien by the Sea Centre
2040 150 Street, Surrey
$25 per family (max 2 adults, babies up to 12 months)
Parent-Participation Required

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